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Thank you for visiting our website. We create handmade bespoke quilts using a range of materials and styles to suit your requirements as well as provide a first class computerised long-arm quilting service. While quilting is our core business, we also market a stunning range of sewing related crafts from local designers. View the range of product items here within our online shop.

We have been approached to make bespoke creations for customers across the world. As a result our quilts are festooning the beds of happy people across Asia, the Pacific, Africa and America. In 2017 we decided to launch this website. You can buy one of the pre-made quilts on display in this website or commission us to tailor make a fully custom designed quilts based on your specific requests.

We have also quilted many quilt tops for prize winning entrants of quilt shows across Australia and had a customer’s quilt appear on the front page of Homespun magazine.

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Welcome To Bluebell A1 Quilting

Handmade quilts are a lovely addition to your room. They are a fantastic gift and will become an heirloom items to be cherished for years to come. Children and adults love to receive their very own special quilt as a traditional present for special occasions or to just add something special to their life.

At Bluebell A1 Quilting, we specialise in the design, manufacturing and supply of high quality patchwork quilts. All our quilts are made using traditional methods and are handmade in Canberra, Australia. Our patchwork quilts are mainly designed based on traditional patterns, which are beautifully detailed and can be an extraordinary feature to every bedroom.

We have a stunning range of quilts available to purchase online, all of which are hand made to the highest quality and are quality checked to ensure that there is no missing detail. We are extremely confident in the level of detail, quality and craftsmanship of our work. All of our patchwork quilts are handmade, using good quality fabric, pieced together individually and quilted to an excellent standard on a long arm quilting machine.

Imagine giving the gift of a unique and beautiful quilt which your friends and family will admire, or perhaps a quilt full of treasured memories for you to enjoy. Or simply indulge yourself in a beautiful quilt to suit your decor or fulfil an artistic whim!



Quilts and their accessories have always been associated with not only their warmth and comforting charm but also their distinctive patterns, colourful colour combinations, easy care and durability. Consider the additional benefits of choosing a handmade quilt or wall hanging for your house rather than a commercially made bed cover. Quilts can be used not only on your bed but also used for display and, because of their construction, with proper care, can be handed down to the next generation. At Bluebell A1 Quilting we have a range of quilts and wall hangings with beautiful patterns – each made and quilted with the finest materials. We also stock a range of quilted wall hangings, quilt batting, table runner and mats, quilt fabric kits, Christmas gifts and tools. If you’re looking for an affordable and well-made collection of quilts and accessories, check our shop.


At a time when practically every commercial textile product sold in Australia is manufactured in a mass environment in Asia, our handmade quilts are made one at a time with consideration and careful attention to detail. Traditionally quilts have special significance. Quilts were made with love and attention as special gifts, to remember or to mark marriages and births. At Bluebell A1 Quilting we continue this tradition and the same care and love can often be seen in the quilts and accessories we sell. Our quilts, while beautiful and certainly works-of-art, are made with the intention that they will be used as bed coverings and baby quilts. With strong seams and colourfast fabrics, they are made to be laundered. And so even with daily use and reasonable care they can easily become family heirlooms. With so many bedding options available, why not chose a handmade quilt or quilted accessories for your master bedroom, special guest room or child’s room?


A handmade quilt will be a gift that can be tailored to suit all ages and tastes. They truly are an item for everyone, especially those people for whom it can be difficult to buy gifts. There is something special about snuggling under a warm quilt on a cold night. Though light in weight, the quilt soon traps the body’s heat in the air cells created by the quilting — the unique combination of layering and stitching. Quilts are so much more than just warm bedcovers — they are love, care, memories, hope, and creativity expressed through the patterns, materials, and hands of their makers. Modern quilt makers follow the craft using conventional or modern designs. The options are endless only limited to the creative ideas of using a variety of fabrics, textures colours and patterns. Everyone has a different approach to styles, colours and uses of quilts. Our large range of quilts ensures their uses are limitless. Quilts for a gentlemen’s room are designed to suit the style and colours of both a traditional or modern male in today’s society. We supply quilt designs that suit women, men, grandparents, babies, children and teenagers.


At Bluebell A1 Quilting our range of handmade quilts on offer will suit most people and design preferences. Our range will help you to choose which quilt or accessory is best suited to your requirements such as a baby cot quilt for a nursery that is already designed in a specific colour palette through to a quilt for a bedroom for someone with existing style of furniture. We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service to every client, ensuring that all our handmade quilts are of the highest quality. We post throughout Australia and worldwide using a courier service, ensuring that you receive your quilt quickly after ordering. As well as having an extensive range of patchwork quilts available to purchase online, we are introducing a service to customers to place a bespoke order. We will work with you to plan and produce a quilt that is made to your exact specifications and personal design. We believe that with handmade products, that you should have the freedom to express yourself and your designs within your home and with our service, you have the perfect platform to do just that. If you would like more information about any of our handmade patchwork quilts or you would like to make a bespoke order, please contact us today.


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